Our leasehold housing and rented schemes are all about providing older people with independence and security within a happy community. And at the heart of every Anchor housing location is a great Location or Scheme Manager making sure that everything runs smoothly.

What makes housing different from care?

The people living in our 1000 housing locations have very different needs from those living in our care homes. They live independent and active lives and look to us to provide them with a safe, well-maintained home.

We’re there to provide help when they need it and to take the stress out of everyday life. We also help to create a sense of community.

What makes a great Anchor Housing Location or Scheme Manager?

To be a successful, you need a good balance of heart and head. You’ll use a range of online applications and computer programmes to manage the day-to-day administration of your location or scheme. But you also need great people skills, empathy and emotional intelligence to manage your relationship with your residents and tenants.

How do I become an Anchor Housing Location or Scheme Manager?

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