Our culture and values

Anchor people come from all walks of life, but our shared culture and heartfelt values are what bring us all together.

The reason we do what we do

Happy living for the years ahead is the promise we make to the people that live with us. But happiness comes in many forms. Health, security, dignity, friendship and fun are all at the core of what we do.

We give our best because our customers deserve it, but also because it makes us feel good. And when one of us goes the extra mile we celebrate their achievements and thank them for their hard work.

Supporting each other every step of the way

We care deeply about our customers, but we also care about each other. When you need help or advice, you can always rely on a nationwide network of friendly and experienced colleagues.

Managers develop their team members by helping them learn, stretching their skills and broadening their experience. And when they’re ready, they support them in taking the next step in their career.

Cutting red tape and putting the power in your hands

We work hard to remove unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork. And we embrace technology that helps us do things quickly for ourselves without relying on big teams of people to support us.

This is so that we can spend our time and resources on who matters most – the people that live with us.

Ready for the future

We recognise the challenges that the care sector faces in the future. Demand is increasing and people’s needs are changing.

We’re meeting those challenges right now by growing our care home and retirement community businesses, building state-of-the-art retirement villages and working even more efficiently. But most of all, we’re meeting them by being adaptable and ready for change.

Leading by example

We set high standards for ourselves and campaign for change where it’s needed.

Whether we’re raising the profile of the care sector, improving wages in our industry or campaigning for political change on behalf of older people - we’re not afraid to lead by example and say what needs to be said.

Our values

We have five values that guide our daily decision-making and the way we behave.

Personal accountability - We take responsibility and pride in always doing a brilliant job and improving everything we can.

Reliable - We keep our promises by doing what we said we’d do when we said we’d do it.

Respectful - We care, show kindness for all and encourage the sharing of different perspectives and ideas because that’s how we learn.

Honest - Each of us has a voice, a responsibility to use it and a right to be listened to and receive a response.

Straightforward - We have honest conversations about real issues in order to make a difference. We keep things simple, easy to understand and do.

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