We produce a selection of publications to keep our customers up-to-date with what’s happening across Anchor. Customer feedback plays a key role in the design, style and content.

Customer handbooks

Our rental and leasehold customer handbooks provide new customers with all the information they may need to know about their new home. Your customer handbook should always be read alongside your tenancy agreement/lease. You can read the current handbooks here:

Rental handbook - updated 2017
Leasehold handbook - updated 2017

Anchor Living

Anchor Living, our customer newsletter is sent out twice a year. The publication is split into three sections:

  • News from Anchor – information and updates about changes within Anchor that may affect customers
  • Anchor community - all about customers and how you can get involved in Anchor activities
  • Outside Anchor - what's happening in the wider world that might affect or be of interest to customers

Feedback from customers helps to shape how the newsletter looks and what is included.


Spotlight is our annual report for customers. It gives a summary of how well we’ve delivered our services in the last 12 months and some of the improvements we’ve made since last year. We produce an individual report for our rental customers and one for our leasehold/freehold customers, which you can read here:

Anchor's annual report for rental customers - 2017 
Anchor's annual report for leasehold/freehold customers - 2017 
Anchor's annual report for rental customers - 2016
Anchor's annual report for leasehold/freehold customers - 2016

Guide to rented housing locations with guest rooms

Many Anchor locations offer a guest room that can be used by Anchor customers. You can see a list of Anchor's rented locations that offer guest rooms here.

Customer information sheets

We also create a range of downloadable information sheets and statements on specific topics for our customers as the need arises. Read our current information sheets here

We welcome feedback on all of our customer publications. Tell us what you think using our online form.