What is Anchor's legacy fund?

Sometimes customers, families, friends and others who have seen the benefit of the services we provide decide to donate money to Anchor or make provision to leave money in their will. These generous gifts go into the legacy fund which is used to support community-orientated activities with the aim of improving the quality of life of people living at Anchor locations.

How does it work?

Any Anchor customer, colleague or group can apply for legacy funding. Colleagues and customers are encouraged to work together to come up with a great idea that requires funding to get it up and running.
Awards are made for the ideas and initiatives that demonstrate the greatest opportunity for enhancing the quality of life for our customers, at our locations.

What can legacy funding be used for?

Legacy funding can be used to help:

  • Promote social inclusion and health and wellbeing
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness

Examples of what the funding has been used for in the past include:

  • Trying out a different activity for example taking part in a reminiscence project
  • Gaining a new skill such as setting up a musical group of band
  • Building community links and increasing engagement with local groups for example inviting in the local scout group to help with gardening projects
  • Improving communal spaces to enable greater use and accessibility such as introducing a sensory garden

Funding for your idea must not be available from other areas or budgets within Anchor.

How do I apply?

To apply for legacy funding you simply need to tell us why you would like the money and how it will make a difference to our customers, the location or within Anchor.

You’ll need to read the criteria and guidance and complete an application form. Your location manager can provide these.

Considering leaving a gift or donation?

After providing for family and friends you may wish to leave Anchor a charitable gift in your will or you might want to make a donation. Regardless of the size, legacy gifts, bequests or donations are vital in helping us to continue funding great ideas for the benefit of our customers.
All donations and gifts are treated in the same way. If you want yours to be used for a specific purpose we can ensure that happens – just make sure you tell us.

We recommend you can obtain independent advice on wills, bequests and donations from the or a qualified solicitor. Anchor and Anchor colleagues cannot help draw up a will or act as a witness or executor.

For more information on Anchor’s legacy fund please email [email protected].