Financial security is an important aspect of wellbeing. Anchor aims to support the older people we work with to manage their financial affairs more easily and plan ahead by providing relevant and useful information.

  • Managing your money

    Even if you have a healthy income from pensions or investments, it’s always useful to review your finances and outgoings to see if you can make your money go even further. Financial advice is available from a range of sources nationally and locally.

  • Money management tools and calculators

    There are an array of tools and calculators you can access online to assist with managing your money and financial planning.

  • Financial benefits available to those aged 55 and over

    This alphabetical guide to the main financial benefits available to those aged 55 and over provides information about what you may be entitled to. Find out more.

  • Benefits entitlement calculator

    Use Anchor's benefit entitlement calculator to find out what benefits are available to older people as well as how to claim them.

  • Care home fees

    With 50 years experience Anchor has put together this guide to help you better understand care home funding.