Choosing a retirement village is just like choosing any other place to live, it’s important to do your research into the lifestyle and facilities on offer and base your decision on your personal needs and circumstances. 

Despite the name, people who move to retirement villages aren’t all necessarily retired, some make the move just to enjoy access to a range of activities and to be part of a community of like-minded people. For others, the option to build in at-home care, should you ever need it, is a reason that retirement villages appeal to many.

Choosing a retirement property is a big decision and we encourage you to seek independent advice and discuss your options with your family and your legal advisers in detail.


This guide to choosing a retirement village covers a range of common questions about what life in a retirement village is like as well as budgeting and purchasing options and has been written to help you make a considered decision about your future.

Find out more about Anchor's flagship retirement villages Bishopstoke Park and Hampshire Lakes.

  • Why make the move to a retirement village?

    Many people choose to move to a retirement village for the active lifestyle it offers; with the added peace of mind that any help or assistance you might need in the future is close at hand.

  • Choosing the right retirement village for you

    You should base your decision on which retirement village is right for you on your personal needs. Read more about the range of factors you may wish to consider.

  • Life in a retirement village

    Life in a retirement village can be as jam-packed or laid-back as you like. There’s really no need to change your usual activities or routines. Find out more about life in a retirement village.

  • Care options in retirement villages

    Although some retirement villages have a stronger care focus than others, most offer tailored care options and is a reason retirement villages appeal to so many people Find out more about care options in retirement villages.

  • Budgeting and retirement village purchasing options

    The vast majority of retirement village residents choose to buy the lease of their properties, but there are can be a range of purchasing options available. Find out more.