As part of the programme of support they offer people in times of crisis, the Folkestone Rainbow Centre work with Anchor to help find new accommodation for older people facing difficulties.

Building an inclusive community in which everyone has the opportunity to live and work in dignity with hope for the future is no mean feat but the Folkestone Rainbow Centre are truly committed to their vision.

Providing both practical support and a friendly non-judgmental ear, the Folkestone Rainbow Centre responds to the needs of local people facing difficulties and strives to help them out of crises so they can sustain themselves.

With growing numbers of the people using their Drop In services either facing homelessness or already homeless, the Folkestone Rainbow Centre chose to partner with Anchor to help meet the increasingly urgent need for access to affordable housing among older people in the local area.

Recognising Anchor as a housing provider who shared their commitment to inclusion and passion for happy living, the Folkestone Rainbow Centre decided working together the two organisations could achieve truly positive outcomes for the older people accessing their services.

Richard Bellamy, Centre Manager, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Anchor to help raise awareness among older people in the local area of the range of housing options available to them.

“Often in a time of crisis people can feel isolated and unsure of their options. This close working relationship has helped our volunteers understand Anchor’s application process, making applying much easier and seeing people rehoused very quickly.

“Since the partnership began in May we have already found a new home with Anchor for one gentleman and been able to share details of an available property with another.”

Visit the for more information about the services they offer.

If you would like to discuss possible partnership opportunities with Anchor, please the Community Partnership Managers to find out more about how we could work together.