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We have been helping older people get the best out of life since 1968 and are proud the Anchor Group has become England's largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for the over 55s.

Here are just a few of the main reasons more than 34,000 older people in England live with us.

  • Not-for-profit

    First and foremost the Anchor Group is a not-for-profit charitable organisation which means we are able to reinvest the money we make into our retirement properties and care homes and continually raise our standards.

  • Building on relationships

    At Anchor we work hard to get to know our customers, build relationships and ensure the service we provide is the one that people want.

  • Diversity

    Anchor ensures that dignity, equality and justice are central to the way we work, and that the distinctive, diverse and unique contributions of our employees and customers are valued.

  • Community events

    Find out about the range of events going on at Anchor properties around the country.

  • Approach to wellness and activity

    At Anchor we like to support and encourage those who choose to live with us to have an active lifestyle and to be a part of the community from the outset.

  • Catering

    Mealtimes are an important part of daily life in Anchor’s care homes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our catering and the range of choice available to our customers.

  • iPad technology in our care homes

    Anchor provide the older people living in our care homes with access to Apple iPads as part of our on-going commitment to person-centred activities and meaningful engagement.

  • Energy efficiency

    At Anchor we are committed to responsible energy management, reducing energy costs for our customers and minimising our environmental impact.

  • Pet friendly

    Anchor are committed to helping customers own and keep a pet as we understand that pets provide companionship, comfort and love, and offer a way of making with others.

  • Awards

    Anchor has received many awards for the high quality services we provide and our pioneering approach to care and housing for older people.

  • Meeting your changing needs

    We understand the challenges we all face as we get older. Should your care needs change while living with us we will be on hand to offer you help and advice on the type of care you may need going forward.

  • Language support service

    Anchor utilizes the skills of our diverse workforce to provide a language support service to help improve communication with our customers who don’t speak English as a first language.